मुर्डेश्चर में स्थित मंदिर का टॉप

गीता का उपदेश देते कृष्ण! मूर्डेश्वर

पत्थर से बने सजावटी बॉल

Stone Chariot in Humpi, Karnataka

Heritage Site in Hubali-Chandramouleshwara Temple

Wide Angle Perspective on Goa Highway

Inside the Temple

Top View of Temple of Mangluru

A wide angle Landscape

A field of Wheat in Goa in color composition

Full Moon 🌒 in Night

A vine of Flower

A close-up of Flower

Long Exposure Shot of Night for star

A boat alone in sea

Moon Exposure in Night

A sunny Good Evening in Goa

A Leaf in Black and color composition